Thirteen Step House Inc.

        I spent many years trying to convince myself and family that I did not have a drinking & drug problem.  There finally came a point in my life that I could no longer ignore what had become obvious to my loved ones.  "If any one person had ever taken away my freedom, humiliated me publicly, threatened my child's safety, I would have been done with them."  Drugs and alcohol did all of these things over and over again and I would find myself going back to them repeatedly.  The Thirteen Step House was and is a crucial part of my recovery in the first four months becoming sober.  It was extremely helpful to live with a bunch of people trying to "change everything" about their/our lives together.  Between the talks with the guys around the firepit, the Superbowl party in the cottage, or just talking over coffee in the coffee bar, this place showed me that I can do things, have fun, and build relationships. Sober.

Chris R.